It was in 1993 that the Biogenie concept was born, in the beautiful Charente region of France. Less than two years later, it had expanded to many countries in Asia, North Africa, Latin America and North America.

In 1997, it won the “Trophée de l’Exportation”, a quite deserved recognition, since it had reached more than 40 countries world-wide.

In 2011, the new manager launched a new device, Interface, engineered to work with an I-Pad, in an exclusive partnership with Apple.

In 2012, Biogenie produced its new look with new logos and a new packaging. New protocols for treatments also followed.

In 2013, it received the “Innovation” trophy.

In 2014, Biogenie introduced a new design for the Biogenie device Vintage, ensuring its easy access to all, world-wide.

Biogenie: Growth


Media Activities


In 2015, Biogenie wrote three postings a day.

In 2016, it had its own Web site, with products for sale. Then it activated Youtube videos showing Biogenie treatments.

In 2017, it launched its Instagram page and Google+.


« Grand Public & Professionnelle » published at least 40 articles in 2016 and about one a week in January 2017.


It worked in partnership with “Le Palais Royal” for the play “La Dame Blanche”; Biogenie also contributed its expertise to the musical “Résiste” written by France Gall and Bruck Dawit.

Biogenie worked in partnership with Valerie Demercier on her film “Marie-Francine”, featuring Patrick Timsit, in 2017.


The Biogenie philosophy resides in its three main tenets:

– techniques used by the esthetician

-active ingredients contained in its formulas

-innovative devices with efficient synergy

Always aware of its clients’ and professional workers’ needs, Biogenie has become, in more than 20 years, the pioneer in French electro-cosmetics*.

*Electro-cosmetics: cosmetic treatments based on the synergetic reactions among all the elements (actions of the esthetician, active ingredients of the formulas, and the devices that send micro-currants to assist in the cellular regeneration.)

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